The Hurst pledge

The Hurst pledge

The arrival of COVID-19 has changed the world forever, it is not the time to be complacent or conduct business as usual. To stay relevant, we have completely transformed our business to respond to the needs of our clients in the new economy confronting us right now.

Hurst has reinvented itself. If you haven’t already, Hurst is here to help you get started.

Resilience has always been the cornerstone of every successful business. Hurst has reinvented itself to be more future focused and formidable ensuring we win the trust and respect of our clients with our thoughts, deeds, and actions to create true and resilient long-term partnerships.

Our pledge is influenced by the thoughts and forecasts of George Gilder, author of ‘Wealth & Poverty’ and ‘The Spirit of Enterprise’ which has resonated with people around the world.

“From now on, the big fortunes of the world will be made by selling thoughts instead of things. The big money, the marketing successes of today and tomorrow, will come from people who can create, manipulate and encode ideas into a thing, instead of the thing itself.”

At Hurst it is our PLEDGE to all our clients that we will use our expanded capabilities to help them refit, refurbish and build ‘their thing’ as well as help them to transform ‘their thing’. Utilising the resources, experience, and wisdom of the Hurst Advisory Board we will create and deliver new relevant ideas that embrace the post COVID-19 economy we find ourselves in today.

Our PLEDGE promises to deliver five key actions:

We add value

We always seek to find new ideas, new materials, new designs, new cost savings and performance enhancers to increase your ROI.

We make safety first

The safety of our staff, our clients, our contractors, and the public within our work space has always been and will remain to be our #1 priority. Our safety measures have been updated and enhanced in response to COVID-19.

We build cultural competency

The Hurst team members, the Hurst Advisory Board and the Hurst contractors are all qualified and tested to ensure best in class capabilities.

We earn trust

Hurst has exemplary credentials when it comes to consistently displaying resilience, integrity, honesty, transparency, and professionalism across all our operations.

We invest in our clients

The Hurst mindset and mission are geared to only deliver the highest standards of workmanship and personal protocols. Repeatedly safeguarding the trust and confidence we have built with all our clients and contractors.

For the past 15 years Hurst has successfully refitted, refurbished, built, and updated over 10,000 ‘things’. It is now time to strengthen our relationships and capabilities with ideas, thoughts and initiatives that will deliver better outcomes and results for our clients. We want to work together to create, manipulate, and encode your ideas into a ‘thing’, instead of the ‘thing’ itself.

If you are seeking to transform or reinvent an existing ‘thing’ or perhaps have a plan to create and build a new ‘thing’ make Hurst your first call. Ready when you are.

Hurst Concepts Australia Pty Ltd.