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Case Study: Bayview Warrawong

92 Bayview 300524

Located just over 90 kilometres south of Sydney’s CBD is the Bayview Centre.

Positioned expertly on the corner of King Street and Northcliffe Drive in Warrawong, NSW, the Bayview Centre is the latest mixed-use retail complex to arrive in Australia. While seldom seen pre COVID-19, mixed-use developments are on the rise.

Essentially an integrated space housing everything from residential and commercial to hospitality and retail segments, mixed-use developments aim to create feelings of community and convenience. Designed to maximise space and account for rapidly changing consumer needs, no two mixed-use developments look the same.

With the demand for mixed-use developments higher than ever before, Hurst Concepts was thrilled to be invited to tender for the Bayview project. As a total capability construction company, the team excels in creating high quality spaces across multiple sectors and segments. So, right from the start we knew we were the right company for the job.

Once the contract was awarded to Hurst, CEO Scott Hurst and General Manager Chris Pappas looked to assemble a team that could deliver such an expansive project. To lead the project team, Rayad (Ray) Maty, Project Manager was chosen. ‘While this was the biggest project scope I have ever taken on, I was motivated to push myself and also redefine the boundaries of what’s possible,’ Ray said.

Another key part of the project team was Wilson Tan, Contracts Administrator. With Bayview being the biggest hospitality sector project of his career, Wilson was motivated to create an environment where trust and communication were paramount. ‘As a team there was a real eagerness to learn and further develop our careers. By working together, we were able to grow but also confront problems and overcome them,’ Wilson explained.

With the project team assembled, site works quickly began.

Bayview encompasses over three and a half hectares, some of which was to be taken up by car spaces, while the majority would be home to tenancies. Refurbishment works were provided to existing tenants McDonald’s, Coles Liquour and Domino’s Pizza. Meanwhile, 10,735sqm of large format retail showroom space was constructed and fit out for 14 different big name tenants ranging from JB Hi-Fi and Autobarn to Amart Furniture and Beacon Lighting. Three new free-standing restaurants were also to be constructed.

Enter team Hurst.

With a project portfolio encompassing some of the biggest brand names in the hospitality space, the Hurst team is well versed on what it takes to bring these kinds of projects to life. Whether working across construction, fitout or refurbishment segments, we excel in creating high performing assets that are designed with today’s standards in mind and also, with an eye to the future.

Since our inception, we have been trusted to construct McDonald’s in Huntlee and Griffith South as part of McDonald’s Australia’s $1 billion expansion and upgrade plan. We have also developed a close working relationship with Hungry Jack’s, helping them to roll out their National Drive Thru Upgrade Program and Jack’s Café Program across the country. In addition this, we have had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Oporto, Grill’d, GYG and KFC.

With a background of sustained success in the sector, Hurst approached the design and construct of Bayview’s Hungry Jack’s, Starbucks and Oporto with confidence and competence. Inherent in such an expansive project is the need to manage challenges and different stakeholders. From stabilising building foundations and dividing work into stages to managing live traffic from existing tenancies, the team had their work cut out for them.

‘Personally, I find dealing with daily construction challenges a little bit exciting,’ Ray said. ‘They work to keep you alert and engaged in every step of the process and it also helps me to implement my philosophy of having a “can do” attitude,’ he added.

Oftentimes in construction, on the other side of challenges is great reward, for Ray, Wilson and the broader Hurst team, the benefit was first-hand involvement in some truly unique projects. For example, the Hungry Jack’s being built was only the second stand-alone double story Hungry Jack’s restaurant in Australia. Vastly different to traditional layout standards, the inception of a mezzanine level ‘revolutionises the fast-food experience for competitors and consumers alike,’ Wilson said.

With the Starbucks on Lot 3 and the Oporto on Lot 4, Hurst was engaged to provide design and construct works for the cold shell. So, while the team wasn’t responsible for the internal finishes, we played a key role in delivering Starbuck’s most southern store in NSW and Oporto’s efficient building design.

While operating in an environment that has become second-nature to the Hurst team, having the ability to experience working within a broader development again was also beneficial. As the project end date neared there was a real sense of achievement, along with very human notions of stress and anxiety. ‘There’s you and there’s stress,’ Wilson explained, ‘and the question you need to ask as a project nears completion is, will you allow stress to control your life, or, will you lead by example and be a figure that is respected by the team, contractors and clients?’

Thanks to the introduction of retail and hospitality locations, the Bayview Centre delivers great infrastructure upgrades to the local community as well as economic benefits. Essentially a melting pot for families, Bayview will be a great destination for mixing everyday chores with pleasure for years to come.

As a total capability construction company, Hurst places emphasis on providing a complete suite of services that will be beneficial both today and in the future. By being involved with a multi building design and construct development, we not only stay true to our capabilities, but also further showcase exactly what the Hurst brand is capable of.