We are a total capability construction and transformation company

Who We Are

We are a total capability construction and transformation company. We are committed to winning long-term client trust and confidence by delivering results that exceed expectations on every project.

What We Do

We Create

We work collaboratively with our
clients and all external consultants to
add value, to innovate, to make their
visions a reality and to increase ROI.

We Construct

We refit, refurbish and build, Australia
wide across Commercial, Education,
Health, Hospitality, Industrial
and Retail sectors.

We Transform

We continuously offer
maintenance and upgrades and
specialise in creating future
focused strategies with our clients.

Scott Hurst

Chief Executive Officer – Hurst Concepts Australia Pty Ltd

Scott is a third-generation construction industry native. Building is in his blood. So is competition. In 2011 he took the reins of Hurst and narrowed its focus to maximising clients’ competitive advantage. It paid off. In seven years Hurst revenues have grown by multiples and the client roster is filled with blue chips.

Success has come by never losing sight of the basics — delivering on time and on budget. And by leveraging Hurst’s total capabilities from pre-tender to post-construction.

“The closer we work together,
the greater the outcome.”

Our PLEDGE to all Hurst clients – we will use our expanded capabilities to help refit, refurbish, build and transform your ideas and projects to compete in today’s fast-moving growth markets.

Core Values

We know from experience that trust and confidence are vital in every working relationship. Hurst consistently delivers
only the highest quality of work on every project for every client. It is our strong partnership with many of Australia’s
top companies that Hurst is most proud of. Hurst operates an integrated management system ensuring our team
members display our core values on every project holding us to the highest of standards.


We are committed to a safe and healthy working environment for our staff, our clients, our contractors, and the public.


We are committed to the environment we live and work in. Through our Environmental Management System, we create sustainable spaces for future generations to enjoy.


The Hurst mindset and culture is firmly based on diversity and inclusion to create a working environment where our team feel valued for what they bring, thrive, and inspire others.


Imagination and creativity are part of the Hurst DNA. Our goal is to constantly strive to add value to our clients by initiating new ideas and concepts that empower our relationships.


We are committed to delivering projects and services in line with the Hurst quality-assured processes and procedures.


Hurst always takes pride in being honest, transparent, and having strong moral principles. Integrity is a Hurst non-negotiable.

Our Valued Clients